Connectivity & Broadband Testing

VisualRoute - Network route testing pinpoints where problems occur
VisualRoute Personal, Advanced, Business & SupportPro editions. Windows XP\2003\Vista\7 4.5Mb Download Purchase Information
Mac OS X (dmg) 10.3+, universal binary 2.9Mb Download
VisualRoute Lite Edition Windows XP\2003\Vista\7 4.0Mb Download FREE! Information
Mac OS X (dmg) 10.3+, universal binary 2.0Mb Download
VisualRoute Server Replaced by MyConnection Server MyRoute. See MyConnection Server options below to download.

MyConnection PC - Internet connection speed and quality testing for consumers
MyConnection PC Advanced, VoIP, Business and Business plus editions. Windows XP\2003\Vista\7 1.7Mb Download Purchase Information
MyConnection PC Lite Windows XP\2003\Vista\7 1.7Mb Download FREE! Information

MyConnection Server - A suite of tools for management of network testing and analysis
Includes all 9 Network Test Modules Windows XP\2003\Vista\2008\7 6.4Mb Download Purchase Information
Linux / Unix (tar) 7.7Mb Download
Linux (rpm) 6.3Mb Download
MySpeed SVR Xpress any platform with a web server 10.0Mb Download FREE! Information

Windows XP\2003\Vista\7 2.8Mb Download Purchase Information

VisualPulse - All Editions
Windows XP\2003\Vista\7 724k Download Purchase Information
Linux / Unix 970k Download

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